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Making Preventative Care Affordable and Accessible

The purpose of our device is simple: to make it possible to diagnose life-threatening medical conditions and monitor chronic illnesses in the comfort of the home or at the doctor’s office. Critical test results can be obtained anywhere at the patient’s site instead of away in a laboratory.

When it is time to test, anywhere you are, simply apply a small drop of body fluid (e.g., finger prick blood, urine) onto the pScreen™. In less than 20 minutes, pScreen™ allows you to monitor and track the level of proteins (biomarkers) that map your health risk.

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Read your own lab test or simply scan the pScreen™ card with your smartphone to communicate your results to your healthcare provider. No more lines, no more waiting. Simple.

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Safely dispose the single use card, and you are done. When needed, use a second individually wrapped pScreen™.

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