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Now, patients living at home, or in long-term care facilities, can also monitor their conditions independently, without having to visit hospitals or clinics for screenings. Now, these individuals can identify a health problem before there is an emergency, with just a few drops of body fluid.

Congestive Heart Failure. Changing Lives

For the first time, congestive heart failure (CHF) patients can monitor their level of heart distress within the comfort of their own homes. This is possible thanks to the first product by Accel Diagnostics: the pScreen-BNP™.

The pScreen-BNP™ is the first non-implantable daily home test for the monitoring of heart failure patients. BNP is a cardiac biomarker known for its accuracy and sensitivity in the diagnosis of CHF. The pScreen-BNP™ requires only a droplet of blood to provide dependable CHF measurements within minutes.

pScreen-BNP™ enables CHF patients to regain control of their lives. With the help of these small, hand-held, disposable blood tests, individuals with CHF can monitor their condition daily without the need to make appointments with their physician or take large amounts of time out of their schedule.

Reducing Hospitalization. Improving the Health Care Systems

More than 5.7 million Americans are affected by CHF, and nearly 1.1 million are hospitalized every year. Over half of these patients are re-admitted to the hospital within one year.

Many of these hospitalizations could be avoided through the help of CHF monitoring, early detection and preventative treatment. pScreen-BNP™ disposable blood tests allow patients to identify problems and take action before physical symptoms develop.

By eliminating the need for hospitalizations, p-Screen-BNP™ provides an opportunity to reduce the financial burden of congestive heart failure by billions of dollars each year.

Transforming and Empowering a Modern Health Care System

Our innovative pScreen™ disposable test is transforming the way a wide variety of medical conditions are monitored and diagnosed on-site, in the patient’s home, doctor's office, and at the patient’s bedside. pScreen™ provides great opportunities for early treatment and preventative actions – saving lives and resources. To know more about the numerous applications of pScreen™, please contact us.

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