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Complex Diagnoses Made Simple

Our pScreen™ device only requires a drop of body fluid, such as blood, saliva or urine. The highly sensitive immunoassay detects and quantifies biomarkers within minutes. It provides results that are comparable in accuracy to the ELISA and other laboratory-performed tests. Severe and chronic illnesses can be identified and monitored quickly and efficiently.

No sample preparation

Requires only a droplet of body fluid

No electricity or battery power needed

Accurate and sensitive biomarker

Fully disposable, as compact as a
credit card

Results are ready in less than 20 minutes

Saving Time. Saving Money. Saving Recourses

The pScreen™ test stands apart from both laboratory tests and other point-of-care tests when it comes to convenience and cost. The technology does not require any electrical or battery power, nor does it require any additional supporting devices.

Everything needed to perform the test is inexpensive and disposable. Now, diagnostic tests can be performed anywhere: private practices, hospital rooms, clinics, in homes or out in the field. Patients with chronic illnesses can monitor their condition in the comfort of their own homes.

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